Prince harry and woke


Do you miss your brother and your dad? A simple question for any loving family man, who had relied heavily on his closest relatives since the death of his mother as a child, you would think.



In fact, on the latest round of his royal-bashing, American breakfast tell-all telly tour, where he trashily traded off information about the Queen to build his US brand, expressing even the slightest hint of positivity towards Prince Charles and Prince William was the one personal area he avoided. When pressed by purring NBC Today Show host Hoda Kotb, willing the Duke of Woke to do the right thing and prove his Be Kind credentials aren’t as meaningless as a Twitter hashtag, Harry wouldn’t offer even the slightest hint of an olive branch.



Prince Harry Talks to Son Archie, 2, About Late Mom Princess Diana: ‘She’s Watching Over Us’

Perhaps no surprise, given he’s thought to be saving his sharpest criticism of the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge for his grossly timed autobiography later this year. Deflecting, he answered Hoda’s question about his dad and brother by icily responding: ‘For me at the moment, I’m here focused on these guys [Invictus Games athletes] and these families and giving everything that I can, 120 per cent to them to make sure they have the experience of a lifetime. That’s my focus here. And when I leave here, I get back and my focus is on my family who I miss massively.’



How tragic.

Harry has gone so far down the rabbit hole of bitterness and conspiracies around Megxit that he doesn’t even regard Charles and Wills as part of his family anymore. In fact, in another disgraceful moment in the interview he hinted the Queen needed the ‘right people’ around to ‘protect’ her ­­– the clear implication being that he doesn’t think the two heirs to the throne are doing that job currently.



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Harry is so delusional he doesn’t compute the complete hypocrisy of making such a statement when he hasn’t bothered to visit his 95-year-old gran for the past nine months because of a pathetic row with the British government over security.

No wonder royal courtiers fume: ‘What the hell would he know?’

Nope, for the Duke of Woke and King of Saving the World from a Montecito mansion, the distinct lack of kindness from him towards his relatives helping to tear the Royal Family apart isn’t his problem.



Nor is confirmation of the fact he still might deprive the Queen of meeting the great grandchild named after her nickname Lilibet (without permission) because he won’t be granted the same security he would have received as a working royal at the Platinum Jubilee.

Harry’s lack of self-awareness has become embarrassing.



Prince Harry Talks to Son Archie, 2, About Late Mom Princess Diana: ‘She’s Watching Over Us’

It makes it more obvious than ever that he is surrounded by nodding-dog Hollywood yes men who allow him to buy into these fantasies on a daily basis. So who is Harry’s family now? Meghan and the kids, I guess.



It’s an us-against-the-world mentality that has seen them cut off virtually every old friend and every blood relative (Meghan’s mum Doria and the Queen being the two notable exceptions). But I had one overwhelming impression watching this interview: Harry is so obviously deeply unhappy.



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