Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick has a new love interest in her life. She’s wary of a person who doesn’t respect her limits after revealing her former relationship on the Ellen Show in 2017.



“I am here for whatever you need,” she stated, but she doesn’t like people who say that. She asserted that she is not in need of a guy. Because she likes them, she wants to have them.

pitch-perfect Anna


That is until he says something to the effect of, why didn’t you take up my call. Let’s have a conversation every second, minute, and hour. That’s a bad thing. Next thing you know, they’re out there saying, “Anna hurt my heart.”



The person she is is a scumbag. Isn’t that the B-word? Then the female is referred to as a slut, and your followers are there to defend you. When you get on a hazardous ride, it’s hard to get off.

Anna Kendrick


It’s no secret that Anna Kendrick was displeased in 2017 when she realized that her relationship with filmmaker Edgar Wright hadn’t taken shape. She stated he had his face plastered all over. It was there, she claimed, as she sipped her coffee.



He was there when she was having a nap. She stated it’s nice to have a support system around you. Anna Kendrick with Ben Richardson, her longtime boyfriend. But you’re invading my personal space. Not at all.

Kendrick long time boyfriend


She recalled a time when she was barred from driving her own vehicle. In spite of her liking for the wheel, she was barred from sharing it with a guy just because she is a woman. After her split with Edgar in 2013, the actress declared she was not searching for a new man.


It’s understandable that Anna Kendrick would fall for someone who treated her like a queen, but she couldn’t help herself.


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