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It’s been an exciting time to be a wrestling fan since live crowds returned last summer after a long stretch of empty arena shows from both WWE and All Elite Wrestling. As compelling as some of the storylines are, the stars in each of those promotions are really what make their television programs must-see. Without them, there would be little incentive to tune in and get invested in any of the angles.



Being “over” with an audience is typically defined by how well a wrestler excels at their role as a babyface or a heel. However, it’s tough to measure without factoring in merchandise and ticket sales and how they affect business overall. More often than not, the crowd reactions they receive each week (in addition to how they’re positioned as top talent) are enough to go off of in determining their level of popularity.



The vast amount of athletes to choose from in WWE and AEW at the moment makes it virtually impossible for everyone to be included in one list. For example, a majority of AEW’s stacked roster has wide audience appeal, but only an elite few have an exceptionally strong connection with the masses. When looking at the best of the bunch, these 11 wrestlers (in no particular order) are the ones who stand out as being the hottest commodities currently in either company.



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