When is Jennifer Love Hewitt returning to 9-1-1 season 5? We know this is something a lot of people have wondered for a while. There’s never been any indication that the actress was leaving the show for good, so we assumed that we’d be seeing her at some point. It was mostly a matter of when she’d be back and beyond that, what some of her story will be.



Of course, Fox has not confirmed anything 100% just yet when it comes to Hewitt’s return, but most current indications suggest that the actress could be back as Maddie on Monday, March 28. This is an episode titled “Boston” and at the center of it will be Chimney searching for her. This is a storyline that we think a lot of people expected we’d get eventually, as he works to try to convince her to come back. Take a look at the synopsis below for more information:



One thing worth mentioning after looking at this is that “Boston” was clearly filmed out of order of the rest of the season. Episode 15 in production may have been the first episode back for Hewitt from maternity leave — or, it may not have been the first episode she shot. Given how emotional this story likely is, we could understand wanting to ease her way back in with some different material. We wouldn’t be surprised if she is still absent for a few episodes here and there when the show comes back later this month.



‘9-1-1’ Fans Rally Around Jennifer Love Hewitt After She Opens Up in Emotional Instagram

Jennifer Love Hewitt is missing someone special this holiday season.Though her character, Maddie, on the Fox drama 9-1-1 is spending Christmas away from her family, in real life, Jennifer is surrounded by the ones she loves the most. This year, Jennifer and her husband, actor Brian Hallisay, are celebrating as parents of three children — Autumn, 8, Atticus, 7, and their newborn son, Aidan. While the 42-year-old actress couldn’t feel more grateful, she also can’t help but miss her mom, Patricia Hewitt, just a little more than usual this time of year.


jennifer love nice shoot
Two weeks before Christmas, on December 11, Jennifer got candid on Instagram about how she was feeling having another holiday season without her. Patricia died in June 2012 at the age of 67 from “complications due to cancer.”



“My mother in law hand made these ornaments for us. They mean so much,” Jennifer wrote. “We are doing the tree today and I’m feeling very blessed. Family is everything. I cried so hard last night missing my mommy. She was all the magic of Christmas.”



We weren’t closed off to the idea, it just wasn’t something that we were actively thinking about.”

She continued: “But it is my greatest joy to try and recreate that for my family. Wishing all of you a very merry holiday season and sending so much love to all of those missing someone. Back to the tree and making memories ????❤️?.”



After reading her heartfelt words, Jennifer’s fans immediately reached out to her in the comments section to let her know she’s not alone.



Jennifer love struggles with new born
We weren’t closed off to the idea, it just wasn’t something that we were actively thinking about.”

“Sending all the love and big hugs ❤️ She’s looking down on you guys and sprinkling her Christmas joy and magic and smiling so big ❤️,” one person wrote. “Happy holidays to you. My heart goes out to you,” another added. “So beautiful, these are ornaments to cherish forever. Your mom is with you remember that,” a different fan said. “♥️♥️♥️ You spread so much kindness and love and all your followers are very thankful for you. Praying for you and you missing your mommy. Wishing you nothing but the best ?,” a follower commented.


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