CAROL MCGIFFIN hit out at Prince Harry on Monday’s Loose Women as the panel discussed the Duke of Sussex’s reluctance to visit the UK over safety concerns. Ruth Langsford hosted Loose Women on Monday and was joined by Carol McGiffin, Linda Robson and Nadia Sawalha. One of the topics being discussed was Prince Harry’s decision not to attend the Duke of Edinburgh’s memorial service and Carol made it clear she wasn’t impressed over why Harry won’t make it.



Carol quipped: “Has he got any more toys he can throw out of his pram?” “Is that how you feel about it?” Ruth asked and Carol agreed. “I don’t think there’s any excuse for him not to attend this memorial service,” she explained. Linda shook her head as the actress voiced she agreed with her co-star. “He says he doesn’t feel safe,” host Ruth reasoned.



Carol hit back: “What’s he talking about?” Linda pointed out: “The Royal Family have protection and he’ll be with the Royal Family.” “Exactly!” Carol agreed. “The whole Royal Family will be there do you think there won’t be any form of protection? “What makes him so special? What makes him think there’s more of a threat to him or if he’s there to the rest of his family.” “I’m so bored of him and his excuses it’s not good enough,” Carol vented. “He’s not doing himself any favours at all by not going. “It’s just going to make him look worst. Everyone says, ‘Stop slagging him off,’ but what do you expect?”



A spokesperson confirmed Harry would not be attending the service on Friday but did not give a reason. However, Harry pursued a legal challenge against the Home Office after he was told he would no longer be given the “same degree” of protection in the UK despite offering to pay it himself. Agreeing with Carol, Linda said: “I think it’s really sad that he won’t be there. “He’ll regret this in the future that he wasn’t there because I think he was really close to Prince Philip as well and to the Queen.”


Prince Harry
Ruth remarked: “A lot has happened since then.” “A lot has happened since then but I just think if he’s worried for his family, his wife, his children then maybe he should just come even if it’s just for one day,” Linda said. She suggested the Duke of Sussex attend the service and return to the US the next day. “I think it would be really lovely if he could make it [the Queen] has been through so much,” Linda concluded.


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