THE UK has been slammed for “denying” the Queen the chance to safely see Lilibet and Archie amid the simmering row over Prince Harry’s security. The Queen is yet to meet Harry and Meghan’s daughter Lilibet, as she was born after the couple left the UK in January 2020. Prince Harry has applied for a judicial review of a Home Office decision not to allow him to pay for his own police protection while he and his family are in the UK, claiming that he and his family are “unable to return home” as a result of the security risk.



He applied for police protection in January 2020 but said the offer was “dismissed”, despite offering to pay for it personally. readers have since hit out at the UK Government for preventing the Queen from seeing her great-grandchildren. One reader, nicknamed BrueTrit, commented: “British authorities are denying Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II the opportunity to safely see two of her great-grandchildren in person. “Disgusting !! Have a heart !!! She does !!!!”



A second reader, Kathleen, questioned how people could object to Harry’s demands.She said: “He’s asking to pay for his own security.”How the hell can you all object to that???” Radicalbrit added: “What is the problem if he wants to pay for it. “I don’t understand what the problem is if he is willing to foot the bill.”



Prince Harry’s legal representative said the royal wanted to pay for his own protection so as “not to impose on the British taxpayer.” However, another commenter nicknamed justanotherday claimed that “Even though he is now offering to pay for their security whoever took the job on wouldn’t be allowed to be armed in the UK (as they are in the US) whereas the Police could be.


prince harry is accused of making life tough
“Perhaps he should have thought of all of this prior to leaving the UK.” Other readers were similarly unimpressed by Harry’s demands, with one claiming that it will be “taking officers off the street”. Cj1964 wrote: “Just think of the public uproar there will be if the government cave in and let Harry have his police officer security!



“It doesn’t matter if he is going to pay for them, it will be taking officers off the street making less officers available to police the country! “But Harry, of course, only thinks of himself. “Him first, everyone else is unimportant and do not matter.



” Another reader, 3downnotout added: “There are many private security companies in the UK, who work with various celebrities. “If he is going to pay, hire one of those & stop scapegoating the UK!



This comes after it was reported yesterday that the Queen will not help Prince Harry in his attempt to secure police protection, with a source claiming she will not “cave in to his demands”. A royal source said: “This is not a matter for Her Majesty. “She certainly won’t cave in to his demands. “It is a matter for Her Majesty’s government. “Who gets protection is not a gift the Queen can decide to give or take away.”


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