Tom Brady on cursing out Saints coach:

Tom Brady’s frustration continued to grow throughout the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ loss to the New Orleans Saints, culminating in a fourth quarter spat with the opposing coach.

After throwing an interception to C.J. Gardner-Johnson, Brady ran by the Saints sideline to curse at assistant coach Dennis Allen, who was filling in for head coach Sean Payton – out with COVID-19. Social media users all agree that Brady yelled, “Go f— yourself,” but the Bucs QB downplayed the situation.

“Ah nothing, just football,” Brady said when asked about the incident. “They’re pretty good, they have a really good defense — really good scheme, they are tough to go against.

“They are well-coached, have a lot of great players — a lot of veteran players that have played together for a long time. They did a great job.”
Brady slams Microsoft tablet

This was the first time in 15 years that a defense managed to shut out Brady’s team, which explains Brady’s frustration. TB12 expressed his feelings on the sideline by breaking a Microsoft Surface tablet.

The incident ocurred after yelling at Allen, who only had kind words to say about Brady. Allen explained his defensive scheme that allowed him to stop one of the highest football IQs in history.

“Yeah I think that’s big. I think that’s big,” Allen said. “I think he [Tom Brady] does a really good job of recognizing the coverages and knows when you’re sending a five-man pressure, he knows where to go with the ball. So, I think it’s hard to get to him at times doing that.

“So, if you’re able to rush him with four, I think that’s when most teams have been successful.”


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