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Jennifer Love Hewitt has reinvented herself time and time again throughout her career. After making a name for herself as a child star courtesy of shows like “Kids Incorporated” and “Party of Five,” Hewitt went on to enjoy a brief stint as an A-list movie star in the 1990s and early 2000s.



While she never appeared in any Oscar-winning dramas, movies like “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” “Can’t Hardly Wait,” “Heartbreakers,” “The Tuxedo” and “Garfield” still kept her in the spotlight and gained some fans.


jennefer love is engagedJennifer Love Hewitt starred in some enjoyable romantic comedies during the peak of her movie stardom, but 2012’s “Jewtopia” didn’t mark a return to the halcyon days of “Can’t Hardly Wait” and “Heartbreakers.”



Based on the Broadway play of the same name, “Jewtopia” sees Hewitt star as a Jewish woman whose husband-to-be pretends to be of the same religious faith to win her affections. To ensure that he keeps the woman of his dreams, the man enlists the help of an old friend to help him come across as more Jewish and live happily ever after.



jennifer love hewit has quit social media

The film didn’t make a dent at the box office, and its low Rotten Tomatoes scores indicate that it didn’t appeal to critics or general audiences. As The Hollywood Reporter opined, “Jewtopia” is full of offensively dated stereotypes and toilet humor, so it’s understandable why it wasn’t warmly received. The play on which the film is based satirizes stereotypes, but the adaptation fails to address them with any sort of intelligence or bite, the outlet added.



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