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The Queen’s birthday is 21 April, making her a Taurus star sign by just one day. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, governing the year from 20 April until 20 May and represented by a bull.



Did you know that three of Her Majesty’s great-grandchildren share the same star sign as her? Yes, Prince William’s children Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, and Prince Harry’s son Archie Harrison are all Taureans too!


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Royal fans often say that Princess Charlotte, age six, looks like the monarch and if you believe in horoscopes then the pair share similar personality traits as well. The young royal was born on 2 May.Prince Louis, age three, was born two days after the Queen’s birthday on 23 April, while Archie Harrison, age two, arrived into the world on 6 May.



Royal astrologer and Princess Diana’s confidante, Debbie Frank, reveals: “Taureans are stable, steadfast. Essentially uncomplicated people. As an Earth sign, they love the natural world, animals and the physical senses. They like life to feel secure and grounded, simple, straight forward and real. A Taurus is emotionally loyal.”


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Astrologer and cosmic coach, Bex, of cosmiccures.co.uk explains: “The Queen’s star sign is Taurus, meaning that the sun was in the constellation of Taurus when she was born. The sun shows our purpose for life and where we ‘shine’. Those with their sun in Taurus are well known for being reliable and dependable – traits the Queen shows in abundance as the figurehead of our country.



“The symbol for Taurus is the bull, and while some people associate this with stubbornness, they are also patient and calm; there is an unflappable quality about them, which I think we can agree, the Queen displays in abundance. She’s not going to let people walk over her, and her great-grandchildren are likely to also show characteristics of tenacity!””Taureans also have a strong instinct for self-preservation and have an ability to calmly accept the way life unfolds without reacting dramatically or flying off the handle. They take things in their stride, and even if their feathers are ruffled then they won’t generally show it. They have an instinct for cultivating a stable environment for themselves and those around them.


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“Hopefully, her great-grandchildren will also display these Taurean traits as they navigate the spotlight as royals growing up!”Our star sign shows where we have the potential to shine in life, and those with their sun in Taurus are adept at utilising the resources they have to hand to build something lasting. What could be more apt for a monarch that has spent her life cultivating a respected dynasty during her long reign?



“Regarding her great-grandchildren taking after her, then it is likely they will display her fortitude and ability to meet challenges head-on without allowing themselves to be overwhelmed.””Taureans are also well known for enjoying the pleasures and comforts of life, taking enjoyment from little indulgences while also having a keen affinity for nature (Taurus is an earth sign, after all). It’s well known how much the Queen loves to ride her horses, and this enjoyment of the outdoor lifestyle will probably be mirrored in her great-grandchildren.”


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