‘Stop Being So Nice’ – Serena Williams’ Brutal Advice to Good Friend Meghan Markle After Her Marriage to Prince Harry

‘Stop Being So Nice’ – Serena Williams’ Brutal Advice to Good Friend Meghan Markle After Her Marriage to Prince Harry.American legendary tennis player, Serena Williams, had a pretty special bond with the Royal family. Notably, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has a very good relationship with the American tennis player.

Interestingly, it has not been very easy for the American actress, Markel, since marrying into the Royal family back in 2018. She had to face a lot of media attention and press after her wedding. According to reports, Serena Williams gave advice to her on how to handle the press and media.

Serena Williams once gave advice to Meghan Markle

In the book ‘Serena: A Graphic Biography of the Greatest Tennis Champion’, the writer Mark Hodgkinson explained many things about Serena‘s life. One of the things the author mentioned was Serena giving advice to Meghan Markle about facing the media and paparazzi.

According to the writer, Serena said to Markle, “You’ve got to be who you are. You can’t hide… stop being so nice.”

Notably, Serena once denied her friendship with Markle, possibly to save her good friend from controversies. According to reports, Serena once organized a baby shower for Markle and gave her parenting advice, as she had experience dealing with Olympia.

Also, there were plenty of instances where we saw Serena taking a stand for Markle on social media. Also, the Duchess of Sussex appeared on multiple occasions to watch Serena’s matches, especially at the Wimbledon Championships.
Serena is having a hard time before the US Open 2022

Meanwhile, Serena Williams is not having a great outing before the US Open 2022, which will be her final tournament in her glorious career. So far, she played two hard-court tournaments before the US Open; the Canadian Open and the Cincinnati Open. In both of those tournaments, she lost pretty early.

Before stepping on the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing Meadows, the 23-time Grand Slam champion did not get to spend a great time on the court, which puts her in a difficult position at the US Open. Notably, she is still looking for her 24th Grand Slam title. Currently, it looks like an impossible task, as Serena is not in great form before going into the US Open.

Can Serena shock everyone by winning the US Open 2022? Let us know in the comments.


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