A new book claiming to reveal details of life behind palace walls contains countless shocking allegations about the Queen and the rest of the royal family.



Tina Brown’s The Palace Papers, which hits shelves next week, was two years in the making and features interviews and information from more than 120 insiders and sources. Covering everything from Prince Charles’s unusual bathroom demands and requests that his shoelaces are ironed, to insight into the Duchess of Cambridge’s difficult relationship with her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle.



Kate and William 'future of Monarchy' despite Charles being Queen's heir, expert says

Ahead of its publication on May 3, extracts of The Palace Papers have been published in The Daily Mail. We look through some of the most shocking claims we know so far, and it’s fair to say Brown doesn’t hold back…

Kate’s ‘secret life’



According to Brown, Kate ensures she keeps up with her own interests and passions away from the royal spotlight and makes secret visits to galleries and museums to “nourish her inner life”. She was once spotted sneaking into a Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy at 8am, and took a seat in front of one of the beautiful pieces of art.



Kate and William 'future of Monarchy' despite Charles being Queen's heir, expert says

She told the man she was sitting next to: “I miss my history of art. It’s what I do to get my fix.” The Duchess of Cambridge gained a 2:1 degree in History of Art when she graduated from St Andrews University in 2005.


Charles ‘too needy’ for Queen

Brown claims that Charles is “desperate” for his mum’s approval, but notes that they are very different people.



Harry and Meghan finally reunite with Queen, Prince Charles amid family feud

A source told her that he’s the “wrong sort of person” for her, believing him to be too needy, emotional and vulnerable. They continued: “Arts, charitable causes that aren’t wrapped in a rigid sense of duty – it’s all anathema to her.”



The insider also claims that Philip also had concerns about his son becoming King, reportedly saying that he didn’t think Charles was “King material”.



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