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Speaking of beauty, the British actress Kate Beckinsale absolutely meets the standard. She has a high degree of Oxford University and she has both talents and looks. In 2001, Micha



Speaking of beauty, the British actress Kate Beckinsale absolutely meets the standard. She has a high degree of Oxford University and she has both talents and looks. In 2001, Michael Bay directed the masterpiece “Pearl Harbor” and performed the heroine. The popularity spread, and when Kate Beckinsale was interviewed on the British show “The Graham Norton Show” in the early years, she talked about the movie that made her popular at the time. In fact, there is some inner story behind it.



▲ Kate Beckinsale played the role of a beautiful nurse who made the two soldiers Ben Afflett and Josh Harnett fall in love at first sight in “Pearl Harbor”. Her beauty back then also fascinated the audience.



Kate Beckinsale was very impressed with the filming experience of “Pearl Harbor”. She recounted: “I don’t think I actually fit Michael Bay’s ideal type of actress. He pointed out that my breasts were not big enough. 、Hair is not golden. I just gave birth to my daughter and continued to lose weight. I can only tell him that if I get this role, I will make her very good, but I also don’t know a nurse in the 1940s. Why these conditions must be required.”



Kate Beckinsale continued: “And when we started to promote this movie together, when he (Michael Bay) was asked why these actors were chosen to play, he first praised His past experience with Ben Afflett is very good, he loves him.



and Josh Harnett is so masculine and an outstanding actor, and when the media asked me about my casting At the time, he replied, “Because Kate is not that charming, she is more able to resonate with female audiences.” He continued to maintain this statement. No matter where we went to promote it, he always said it correctly. I remember that we went to quite a few Place.”



Kate Beckinsale pointed out: “Because my breasts are not big enough, and I am not blonde, so in his eyes I have become a less attractive woman.”and in fact foreign media have also found out. When Michael Bay was interviewed that year, he did point out that he originally wanted to choose a “not so beautiful woman” because “a heroine who is too beautiful will make female audiences feel very troubled.”



Kate Beckin Xaar’s revelations caused a lot of turmoil in the media. It sounds like Michael Bay’s remarks are full of discrimination.. However, after Michael Bay learned what Kate Beckinsale said on the show, he responded on the Internet and said: “I and Kate are very friendly She is an amazing actress. She is funny and straightforward. I totally respect her. She talked about the casting of “Pearl Harbor” 16 years ago on a British show. Media reports turned her story into a A scandal-like conversation, this is totally inconsistent with the facts. Kate Beckinsale is just trying to describe an interesting past.”



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We’re still swooning over Kate’s past turban twinning moment with the feline, and we can’t wait for their next matching snap.

Michael Bay denied that he ever Criticizing Kate Beckinsale’s appearance, but the heroines who watched his past movies seem to really meet the requirements of “big breasts”, such as Scarlett Johansson in ” Escape from the Island of Clone “, Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Nicola Peltz from the “Transformers” series.



Many foreign netizens have discussed this: “Was Kate Beckinsale not beautiful enough?”, “It turns out that Michael Bay really likes big breasts”, “Such beauties are fine.” Isn’t it charming enough? It’s terrible.” “Michael Bay’s art is about explosions and tits.” Some people said, “This is Hollywood. What else is Kate Beckinsale expecting? All the women in TV shows are Too hot, is this realistic? But this is the effect that Hollywood wants.”


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