The Duchess of Cambridge once described her middle child as “the boss of the household”, according to the Mirror. Her sassy personality made itself particularly known during a visit to the church at Sandringham on Christmas Day in 2019.



While leaving the service and greeting members of the public, the little princess was offered a bunch of white roses by a fan.



It is common for royal aides to take gifts from the Royal Family in order to keep their hands free and allow them to move along and talk to other people.However, Princess Charlotte refused to be parted from her flowers.



When an aide offered to take them from her, she was seen shaking her head and keeping a firm hold of her gift.She continued to carry the roses all the way back to Sandringham House with the rest of the family. Speaking to the Mirror, royal expert Katie Nicholl shared her views on William and Kate’s daughter.



She said: “Charlotte is the most buoyant and outgoing of the three Cambridge children.It’s that strength of character that will stand her in good stead when she’s older.”


prince george and princess charlotte
Body language expert Judi James told the MailOnline in 2021 that the princess “does appear to be something of a little leader in the family dynamic”.



She is “the one in charge”, according to her mother, despite her brother Prince George being two years older than her.Their brother Prince Louis, at three years old, is the youngest of the three Cambridge children.



Once her parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, become King and Queen, Charlotte is set to inherit another royal title.As the daughter of the reigning monarch, she will become the Princess Royal, the title currently held by Princess Anne.



This title was introduced into the British monarchy in the 1600s, copying the French title of Madame Royale, which was traditionally used for the eldest unmarried daughter of the reigning monarch.


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