The life of a member of the Royal Family is one shrouded in duty and expectation. There are a number of tasks the most senior royals must undertake regularly to forge lasting relationships with the public and learn more about the world around us.



When it comes to the royal children, it’s no different – there are a number of things Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have done to adhere to these protocols. From curtsying to the Queen, to etiquette training and royal engagements, there are a number of things expected from the junior royals.



It’s a well known fact that royal tours are a big part of the life of any Duchess, Duke, Prince or Princess. Additionally, there’s no rule around age when it comes to these tours – if the parents are going, the children are expected to go with them.



We saw this when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby son Archie joined his parents on their South African tour when he was just four months old in September 2019. However, perhaps because of the pandemic, some of the latest additions to the royal brood have not been able to fulfil these duties yet.



Prince Louis, the youngest child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, has yet to reach his royal milestone of going on one of these tours, possibly due to the travel disruption caused by the pandemic . As travel restrictions kept us in Blighty, the royals were unable to jet off to the other side of the world for foreign visits.



But it’s true that Prince Louis has indeed travelled abroad in his short life – last year, the Cambridge royals attended Kate’s brother James Middleton’s wedding at an intimate ceremony in France.



However, Prince Louis has yet to see action when it comes to royal duties abroad.Future king Prince George, the third-in-line to the throne, first took part in an official tour when he was just nine months old. Like his father Prince William, his first tour was to Australia and New Zealand. The first official journey abroad of Prince George, who is now eight, lasted between April 7 to 25 2014.



Louis’ sister Princess Charlotte, now six, joined the family on her first royal tour aged just 16 months. The then-family of four visited Canada between September 24 and October 1 2016. Charlotte and George took part in yet another tour abroad a few months later, between July 17 and 21 2017, when the Cambridges visited Poland and Germany.



It could be the case that Louis joins his mum and dad on their upcoming tour of the Caribbean, though whether their children will attend as well is as yet unclear.


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