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KATE, Duchess of Cambridge sent a “powerful and crafty message” with her latest fashion choice showing that her royal status “has not irrevocably changed her as a person”, according to a royal expert.



Earlier this week, Kate, 40, made her first royal public appearance of the year along with her husband Prince William, 39, as the pair visited the Foundling Museum in London.



For the occasion, all the elements of the Duchess of Cambridge’s outfit came from the high street, including a pair of earrings from Accessorize – which originally cost just £7 before being discounted in their sale.



Royal expert Daniela Elser commented on the Duchess’s decision to wear a pair of high street brand earrings, claiming it’s a nod to her “normal’ upbringing.



In a column for the New Zealand Herald, Ms Elser added: “Every time Kate wears something like these Accessorize earrings, they serve as a reminder that she has not lost touch with her commoner roots.


kate middleton and william
She might be on track to become the next Princess of Wales but the message such fashion choices as those earrings carry is that her royal status has not irrevocably changed her as a person. It’s a powerful and crafty message.”



Ms Elser adds this is a direct contrast to more “luxe” pieces found in her sister-in-law Meghan Markle’s closet.



In her column, Ms Elser claim’s the 40-year-old mother of twos “new-found appetite for the more luxe things in life extends to her wardrobe”, adding that Meghan has been spotted wearing pieces from fashion brand The Row including at least two of their $2000 cashmere turtlenecks.



However, she notes that this is “good for her” after Meghan’s breakaway from the Royal Family with her husband Prince Harry.



Portraitist reflects on days Prince Harry and Prince William were ‘so close’

Portraitist Nicky Phillips has reflected on the days when Prince Harry and Prince William were “so close”, noting: “Those were the days.”



Ms Phillips, quoted in MailOnline, looked back to her first double portrait of the brothers in 2010 in an upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Aristocrats.


kate and meghan markle
She said: “I painted them for the National Portrait Gallery. They were so sweet.“They were so close, those were the days.”


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