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Royal author Tina Brown claimed in her latest book The Palace Papers the Duke of Sussex and the Prince of Wales have had a difficult relationship in the past. She reported one “disgruntled”


episode between father and son taking place prior to Prince Harry’s 30th birthday when Prince Charles offered to get him a present. Ms Brown claimed the heir to the throne asked his son whether he wanted “another dinner jacket”, to which Harry agreed. Reporting a source, Ms Brown wrote: “So the man from Savile Row came to measure him and when the suit arrived …


one arm was shorter than the other and one leg shorter than the other, so it was … returned in a box, which seemed kind of analogous to their whole relationship.” The Duke of Sussex, Ms Brown also said, was often confrontational years before he met his wife Meghan Markle. The author wrote: “When he wasn’t venting about William, he was pouring out resentments about Charles.”



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