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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the ‘right decision’ to leave the Royal Family back in January 2020, an expert has claimed. The couple married in St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle in 2018 and have since welcomed two children, two-year-old Archie and seven-month-old Lilibet.



Harry and Meghan stepped back as senior members of the royal family and moved to the US. Using an AI facial recognition tool that detects levels of emotion in faces, TonerGiant studied portraits of historical British monarchs and photos of the modern Royal Family.



Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

From this TonerGiant generated the average happiness level of the monarchs and compared them to the rest of the family. It has been revealed from public photos that the happiness level of Harry and Meghan has increased since they stepped down from their duties. The couple scored much higher in 2020 and 2021 than in 2019.



Meghan’s happiness level was 79.9 out of 100 back in 2019 and just a year later increased to 89.2. According to his facial expressions in the photos used, Prince Harry was also happier in 2020. His happiness level was 55.1 out of 100 in 2019 and increase to 96.2 in 2020 post-royalty.



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Professor Anna Whitelock told the Express: “Having made the decision to leave the Royal Family and what has been described as the ‘gilded cage’, Harry and Meghan have apparently felt more relaxed and happy and more able to control their image.



“There is also no doubt a sense, as they control and curate their public image, that they need to evidence that leaving the Royal Family was the right decision and a route to personal happiness!” The study also showed that Kate Middleton is happier overall than Meghan.



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The happiest member of the monarchy according to her facial expressions in snaps is Princess Eugenie, scoring an average of 89.4 out of 100. However, Queen Elizabeth II is ranked as the eighth saddest member of the Windsor family despite being the head.



Professor Whitelock continued: “The public image of Royal Families around the world varies from authoritative to accessible but certainly in recent years the move has been to convey a more authentic and ‘human’ set of emotions. “Glamour is important, but so too is warmth and compassion. There has also been an increasing sense of fun conveyed in recent years.”



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The expert went on to explain how the photos are “deliberately” chosen She continued: “Royal image has always been essential to the representation of royal authority, or in more recent years as a means to be ‘seen’ and seen as ‘relatable.’ “All these images are deliberately curated and disseminated and so little can be necessarily gleaned from their real emotions or state of mind.”



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