A MASSAGE therapist who was told to treat Prince Andrew in his bedroom claims he was her creepiest client and a “constant sex pest”. Emma Gruenbaum, 50, says he quizzed her on her love life and tried to hug her after sessions at Royal Lodge, Windsor.



Emma says the Duke made her feel ‘deeply uncomfortable’ with comments about her figure and bum. She says she swore at the Duke and stared at him after a remark about her bottom, adding: “It was just so tense and weird.” And she says one crude remark led to her telling him: “It’s none of your f***ing business.”


Prince Andrew
Emma, 50, speaks out today after Andrew’s legal team said his sex-case accuser Virginia Giuffre “may suffer from false memories”. Emma told The Sun: “I don’t want to sit by and not speak out about the way he was towards me as he calls Virginia delusional.” She also said that Andrew:



ANDREW was a constant sex pest and tried to hug her after sessions. ALWAYS insisted on being naked apart from one of his own towels. DEMANDED full-body massages were always carried out in his bedroom despite her objections. HOW within minutes of their first session he asked her a highly-personal question about her sex life. Emma was a 34-year-old sports massage therapist at the Wentworth Club in Surrey when she started treating Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson in early 2005.


prince andrew removed from millitary
Fergie recommended her services and Andrew’s staff got in touch. Emma first met him that summer, a few months after the first sex claims against the Duke’s pal Jeffrey Epstein emerged in the US. Emma, a freelancer who was not knowingly vetted by Palace staff, visited Andrew six times that year.



She said: “I had a lot of high-profile clients and often visited their homes. But Andrew was very different. He was a constant sex pest right from the start.” Emma says she first got a call from the Duke’s personal secretary inviting her to the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park. She added: “That was unusual, to ask me to come on a Sunday afternoon. But I said yes and went along at about 6pm as arranged.


Prince andrew..
“I knew the park because my horse was kept there. “I took my own table which I always use because it is set at the right height for me to do the massage properly. But when I got there I got told: No, he will only use his own table. “I was led through the house by a member of staff. I followed him up a couple of flights of stairs and ended up in the bedroom, a very impressive master suite.



“I said, ‘Oh I’m not really comfortable doing this in his bedroom.’ I looked at the massage table and I said, ‘And that is much too high.’ It was up to my hips so I’d be kind of there massaging at boob level, which is something I obviously didn’t want. So I said, ‘Can we move it out of the bedroom? I am not comfortable.’ Emma says one crude remark from Prince Andrew led to her telling him: ‘It’s none of your f****ing business’


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