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Prince Charles is known for his defining ears, The Queen is known for her humour and quick wit, and it appears even her own son Prince Charles isn’t safe from her hilarious comments. When Prince William was born in 1982 the world eagerly waited to get a glimpse of the future King.



At the time of his birth, William was the Queen’s third grandchild, but was Prince Charles and Diana’s firstborn.


prince william ,prince charles and queen
Following his birth, the Queen reportedly made a hilarious comment to Charles about the way his new son looked.



According to Marie Claire, the monarch said: “Thank heavens he hasn’t ears like his father.”



The Prince of Wales’ ears have been a topic of conversation over the years, and have even been cruelly mocked.


prince charles an william
Charles’ famous ears have become a defining part of his image, which is something that actor Josh O’Conner, who played Prince Charles in Netflix’s The Crown, has spoken of.



He said: “When I was at school, I was embarrassed by them and I wanted to pin them back. Now it’s like, ‘Thank God I didn’t’.



“Hopefully I would have been considered regardless but it helped and, the way I see it, it saved The Crown production on some prosthetics!”



This is not the only time one of Prince Charles’ parents has made a joke at his expense, with his father Prince Philip even having something funny to say when he was first born.



According to a Netflix documentary, the late Duke of Edinburgh met his newborn son and hilariously proclaimed that he looked like a “plum pudding”.


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