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In the event that Russia drops a bomb on the UK, a possible plan for the Queen and the royal family’s escape has already been drafted. For the unversed, Russia’s Valdimir Putin launched an assault in Ukraine causing tensions to escalate with Britain.



The Russian director has vowed that if the West were to stop or meddle with his invasion it would lead to “consequences never encountered in your history” – sparking nuclear fears.


queen elizabeth
In the event that tensions rise, plans to shelter the royal family have been drafted which includes a Cold War-era bunker in Windsor Castle.



“Underneath the staterooms of the castle, a coal cellar was converted into a nuclear bunker when the Cold War fears first started to spread, following the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962,” Daily Star reports.



A bomb pressure indicator was even fixed to the castle’s lawn, which would allow scientists to monitor the blast wave and see how far the devastation had spread.”


queen Elizabeth happy
While the details remain unclear, a declassified document shed light on the specifics of the situation. The document, known as Operation Candid, it was revealed that the Queen and her family would move to country houses away from London.



“Known residences, such as Balmoral Castle and Sandringham House, would not be used,” the publication reports.



“Where there was sufficient time, the royal family would be evacuated to sea, with the Royal Yacht Britannia earmarked to keep them safe.The plan stated the royals would hide in lochs in Scotland – much like the fabled Loch Ness monster.


Queen and prince wales
“While the Queen was lying low, members of parliament would be sent to a bunker with the code name Turnstile, under Box Hill near Bath.”


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