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Queen Elizabeth II is all ready to celebrate 70 glorious of service as the British monarch. The 95-year-old will mark her Platinum Jubilee this year spreading across a number of events to celebrate the honour. As per the programme announced by Buckingham Palace, the Britons will witness a pudding competition, parades, concerts, and a Bank Holiday.



However, the celebrations also clash with grandson Prince Harry and Meghan Markle daughter Lilibet Diana’s birthday. As per the calendar, the Queen is hosting a star-studded Platinum Party that day.



As per the royal website, the party “will bring together some of the world’s biggest entertainment stars.” It is also unclear whether Meghan and Harry along with children plan to travel to the UK. If they do, this visit will be their first together as a family after stepping down as senior royals.



Prince Harry And Prince William Have A Step-Sibling That No One Really Talks About



Some celebrities are famous enough to be recognizable no matter where they go. We are sure that you know about the British family. You must have heard of Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle before. They get so much press time that we are sure of it. However, you probably had no idea that Prince Harry and William have a step-sister.


Royal Family
What Will Happen To The Members Of The Royal Family When Charles Becomes The King?



Queen Elizabeth II has been the ruling monarch of the United Kingdom for almost 70 years now. Even if she is still sitting on the throne now, it will have to go to her heir in the future. According to the line of succession, it will go to Charles, her firstborn son. However, what will happen to William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge?



We bet you did not know that Queen Elizabeth gave birth to Charles in Buckingham Palace. He is the first child of the Queen and Prince Charles and was born on November 14, 1948. At the time, the couple went by the titles Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh.


Queen and prince wales
They got married only a year before Charles was born. Aside from him, they are the parents of Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, and Prince Edward as well.



His Education
Charles studied at a private school before he started to attend Trinity College at Cambridge University in 1967. This made him the first heir to the throne who earned a bachelor’s degree from this institution. Aside from that, the prince also went to the Royal Air Force College and the Royal Naval College.


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