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The Queen will be “irritated” by Prince Harry’s threat to take the Government to court over his security, an expert has claimed. The Duke says he’s unable to return to the UK with wife Meghan and their children Archie and Lilibet as it isn’t safe without specialist police protection.



The family lost their taxpayer-funded security when the quit the royal family in 2020 and use a private alternative for their new lives in the US. He’s wants pay for police assistance when he’s in the UK – in line with the couple’s plan to become financially independent – but the Home Office has rejected this. Harry has now applied for a judicial review against the decision.



prince harry is accused of making life tough
Ingrid Seward, author of Prince Philip Revealed and Editor in Chief of Majesty magazine, tells the Mirror his latest move won’t have gone down with the Queen – who is currently dealing with the fallout from Prince Andrew’s legal case.



She explains: “Prince Harry’s threat of legal action against his grandmothers government will not sit kindly with her. “The Queen does not like being threatened. “Even though the threat is not directed at her personally, it is a threat that comes under her jurisdiction.



meghan harry and queen
“It will make her annoyed and very irritated. She has no desire to alienate the Duke and Duchess of Sussex , but if they continually behave like spoiled children trying to get their own way, she will be forced to do so. “As youngsters both Harry and William knew exactly how their Police Protection Officers operated.



“They became close to them. They were together every time they left home. One even sat outside the classroom. They were friendly, efficient and unobtrusive. “No wonder Harry wants that kind of protection for his wife and children. But he is very unlikely to get it.”



queen , harry and meghan
Many have been left wondering what Harry’s request will mean for his future trips to the UK, with many hoping to catch a glimpse of the Sussexes during the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations in the summer. Ingrid says: “Harry is due back to the UK in the Spring for the service of thanksgiving for the life of his grandfather, Prince Philip. He will be protected during this official engagement at Westminster Abbey.



“But if Harry and Meghan choose the celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee weekend to make an entry into the UK, as things stand at the present, they will not have round the clock Scotland Yard protection – unless they are with other members of the royal family.



Prince Harry
“If for instance they appeared on the Buckingham Palace balcony they would be afforded all the security necessary along with everyone else. “But when they drive home to Frogmore Cottage, their private bodyguards will be responsible for them.



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