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While most people know The Duchess of Cambridge as Kate Middleton, her family call her by very different names – including Prince Harry, who reportedly uses another moniker entirely when addressing her.


When it comes to families, the members might have a few sweet and sometimes downright baffling nicknames for their various members.


Kate and Prince William

And even the Royal Family are no exception to this. We previously learned how Prince William called The Queen ‘Gary’ when he was younger as he was unable to pronounce ‘Granny’. While Prince Phillip is said to have called Her Majesty by several different pet names such as ‘Cabbage’ and ‘Sausage’.



Similarly, Prince Charles had dubbed Meghan Markle ‘Tungsten’, because, just like the metal, he thought she was “tough and unbending”.


Kate Middleton replies her number one fan

And when it comes to Kate Middleton, it seems she also has a selection of weird and wonderful nicknames – although one, in particular, is much closer to her full name.According to OK! Magazine, the Duke of Sussex doesn’t call the Duchess of Cambridge ‘Kate’, but instead refers to his sister-in-law as Cath.



The duchess, 40, has been known to the world as Kate for years, but it turns out she actually only started using the nickname ‘Kate’ while at university, previously preferring to go by her full name, Catherine.


kate middleton on her birthday

Kate has previously admitted that she doesn’t mind which name people choose to call her.During an interview with BBC Radio 1 presenter Scott Mills she said: “I will answer to most things.”



As well as Catherine, Kate and Cath, the duchess is also frequently called ‘babe’ and ‘darling’ by her husband, ‘mummy’ by her children and while at school she was known as ‘Squeak’.



Kate Middleton
The latter was derived from the name of a guinea pig. Kate and her younger sister Pippa both had pet guinea pigs, named Pip and Squeak, from which they later took nicknames, with Pippa becoming known as Pip and Kate taking on the other moniker.



If that weren’t enough, her friends at Marlborough College are also said to have called her the ‘Princess-in-waiting’ for a while.



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