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Prince William and Kate Middleton had a difficult start to their relationship
Prince William and Kate Middleton’s start to their relationship did not come easy. Having met during at St Andrews University, the Duke of Cambridge kept his relationship with Kate a secret from the start, fearing media scrutiny.



While the pair succeeded in keeping it a secret for almost a year, with their love story reportedly starting in 2003, their privacy was breached after Kate was spotted with William on a family skiing holiday. The following day, photos of the couple surfaced in newspapers which reportedly left William “furious”.



Speaking on documentary William & Kate: Too Good To Be True, Rebecca England, said: “Unfortunately for them, a paparazzi photographer took pictures of William and Kate clearly very close on the ski lift together. “A red top tabloid newspaper slashed it all over their front page. “William was furious, and he was also genuinely worried for Kate and her family about what this would now mean for them.”



“At the time there were a lot of rumours going around that Carole might have tried to orchestrate the relationship by ensuring her daughter went to St Andrews. “There was talk of Kate having a poster of William on her wall at her school, Marlborough College.”



Kate Middleton’s ‘shape shifting antics’ called out: ‘Don’t try to be someone else’

Kate Middleton has been urged by experts to walk her own path and not to copy the late Princess of the People, Princess Diana. This news comes shortly after an unseen photograph of the late Princess Diana, taken in 1988 by esteemed photographer David Bailey went on display.



In the black-and-white photo, Princess Diana can be seen gazing far into the distance, offering a side profile pose with eye drop earrings and a satin ensemble. The princess’ fans did not seem pleased after the photo was released for Kate Middleton’s 40th birthday photographs offered a similar look


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It was in fact royal biographer Angela Levin that drew comparisons between both women and urged Kate Middleton not to act as the former princess. Taking to her personal Twitter account the author and biographer wrote, “I think Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge should stick to being herself. She doesn’t need to try to be someone else including Diana. She’s great as she is.”


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