DOCTOR WILLIAM and TV Presenter Kate Middleton would have had illustrious careers in their chosen fields had they not been royals, an expert claimed. A body language expert predicted what the pair would be doing if they weren’t in the UK monarchy. Slotting so perfectly into the Royal Family as the future King and Queen Consort of the UK, Prince William and Kate Middleton are destined for their roles.



But in another life, what would they be? Body language expert Judi James told 33naija where she believes the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be in their alternative careers. Judi began: “It’s probably easier to imagine Kate in the context of a non-royal world than it is William, who has never known anything other than a life of privilege and duty.” Before becoming the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate had a non-royal job, working for her family’s business, Party Pieces, selling high-end party supplies for special celebrations.



She also worked as an accessories buyer for Jigsaw, and was known for her excellent work ethic, even when she was unable to keep a low profile once she had become involved with the Prince. Belle Robinson, Jigsaw’s co-founder, said of Kate: “I have to say I was so impressed by her. “She sat in the kitchen at lunchtime and chatted with everyone from the van drivers to the accounts girls. She wasn’t precious.” So, there’s no doubt that Kate would be at home in the workplace.



Judi continued: “Kate’s university course would probably have taken her to a job in an art gallery, although her skills and her personality traits on show now would suggest she might have wasted some of her talents in a profession like that. “Kate, like William, shows a capacity for leadership that is based on encouragement and inspiration.”The Duchess shines when she can sort out “rifts and dramas”; even in her royal position she is happy to play middleman during awkward conversation between Prince Charles and William.



She is also a natural with children; when guest starring on CBeebies’ ‘Bedtime Stories’ just last month, the Duchess showed “gentle intimacy” and “genuine passion”, according to Voice Analyst Nicola Harrison. Judi stated: “I’d see Kate as the head of a very exclusive private school or kinder-garden, inspiring pupils and teachers alike. “Alternatively she would possibly have made a very popular presenter on Breakfast TV. The cameras always love her face.”



As for Prince William, the future King has “several strong personality qualities that might point to certain career choices if he weren’t a royal”.Known for his “cautious, methodical and logical” personality and tendency to “think things through, like his royal destiny and his marriage to Kate”, it is unlikely that he would gravitate towards a job that required spontaneity. Judi said: “His helicopter pilot role suggests he is also technical and driven to help others in an emergency situation.”



But there’s one more role that perfectly befits the future King. “William can be charming but with a hint of lurking arrogance. “He is said to have a temper at times but to be cool-headed most of the time.”The “natural leader”, with an empathetic and ”reassuring presence”, would be an excellent doctor. “He would seem to have the perfect bedside manner and his parental skills with his own children would suggest he’d be good at inspiring confidence in his patients.”



Judi imagined that he would also crack a few “small jokes” to reassure his patients, with the royal known for his little quips. When the Duchess of Cambridge told a group of chefs at a Taste of Norfolk event that “William has to put up with my cooking most of the time”, her husband joked “It’s the reason I’m so skinny”. And just like Kate on camera, William “would look so at home in a white coat with the collar turned up”.


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