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Prince William and Kate Middleton have reportedly been facing a major conflict on both ends because of their parenting ideals. Royal expert Jennie Bond brought this news to light in an interview with OK! in it she began by addressing the ‘gruelling schedules’ they both face, and also explained how it ends up impacting their desires and parenting ideals as guardians of three young people.



Ms Bond started by sharing her wish for both Prince WilKATE, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William experience a “conflict” when it comes to their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, according to a royal commentator. liam and Kate to be awarded ‘a break’ of sorts, and was quoted saying, “They do need to be allowed to have a break, and particularly, their kids are so young.”



Especially considering how “Both of them are really hands-on parents and they want to be there for their kids.” However, this new responsibility and added workload have brought conflict into their lives and Ms Bond admitted, “There is a conflict between their private life and having enough downtime with their children.”



The Cambridge’s’ are known for their modern parenting values and pride themselves in helping out with homework, activities and school runs. But with a change in their title fast approaching, they are starting to appear stretched beyond their limits, and Ms Bond fears they may struggle even more so if it continues. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in particular, Ms Bond said, face “a conflict” when it comes to getting enough spare time to spend with their children.


kate middleton parenting
Kate and Prince William are known to be very caring parents who strive to share their parenting duties when it comes to school runs, homework and organising activities for their children. The royals normally clear their schedule ahead of half-term breaks to be able to fully focus on George, eight, Charlotte, six, and Louis, three.



And they are known for trying to create a working schedule which allows them to be as present as possible in the life of their children even while they are on duty. In 2019, Kate and William reportedly made sure to be able to drop their children at school before leaving for a key five-day tour of Pakistan.


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