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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle forced Kate Middleton to “counteract” the “unsettling” royal narrative, this was revealed by a royal expert.



This claim has been made by the co-author of Royal Fever, Cele Otnes in her new interview with Express UK. In it, she started off by admitting “Of course, this means that her life with William and the children is not necessarily portrayed as the most riveting of narratives”.


prince harry and meghan markle angry

“But the stable and wholesome brand persona that William and Kate’s family projects are exactly what is needed to counteract that of Meghan and Harry, “In fact, by being a steadying force in the monarchy, Kate’s actions provide a stark contrast to the unsettling and sometimes scandalous other narratives within the royal brand (Harry/Meghan, Prince Andrew).”



Before concluding she also admitted, “Obviously, there has been a lot of drama in the monarchy, and Kate seems to have risen above it — helping to dilute the metaphor of the monarchy as soap opera and to hone the metaphor of the monarchy as stabilising force.”



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