prince harry and meghan markle angry


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly still learning making revelations about things that kept on happening behind their backs, after Megxit.



Royal author and biographer Omid Scobie made this candid revelation.


prince harry disappoint
According to Express UK, he began by admitting, “What I found really interesting about the coverage of that handover was a source claiming that Camilla was ‘miffed’ Meghan had originally been given the role.



“Which gives you further insight into some of the true feelings of how other members of the Royal Family felt about Harry and Meghan long before they even stepped away.”



Before concluding Mr Scobie added, “Even now, Harry and Meghan are still learning about things that went on behind their backs or behind the scenes before they left.


Prince Harry and meghan
If anything, these stories are perhaps a reminder to them that they made the right decision.”



Prince Harry and Meghan Markle branded ‘grifters’ on US talk show

They have also been slammed as “pathetic” and “irrelevant” by a retired judge, with a former presidential aide warning Harry: “In America, nobody cares what you think.



The onslaught follows speculation the couple may ditch Spotify – with whom they have a $25million deal – after they hit out at “Covid misinformation” being spread by fellow podcaster Joe Rogan.


prince harry and meghan markle angry
P In a scathing attack, Fox News talk show host Tucker Carlson, whose nightly programme boasts the largest cable audience on US TV, said: “That annoying fake duchess from LA and her brain-dead husband threatened to walk unless Spotify muzzled Joe Rogan. But they’re not going anywhere.


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