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Prince Harry has threatened to sue the Home Office in order to get police protection when he visits the UK, saying he feels effectively in exile because his private security is not enough for a visit to his homeland.



The Duke of Sussex, according to The Sun, has effectively declared war on the Royal Family with a threat to sue unless Britain provides his security.” The Duke of Sussex’s taxpayer-funded police security was taken away on his departure from royal life. After moving to the US, the Sussexes pursued privately paid security arrangements.



prince harry and queen elizabeth.
Harry insists that the private security team, he uses in the US, does not have the correct jurisdiction to operate abroad, and therefore is not equipped to offer the level of police protection in the UK. The Duke has now threatened to sue the authority in order to get British government to provide security when he visits the UK.



Prince Harry offered to cover the cost of Britain providing his private security but the offer was rejected – and he has applied for a judicial review against the decision. Harry, The Duke of Sussex feels his family isn’t ‘safe’ in the UK without police protection. Some speculate that his move seems to be an allegation against the Queen.



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