prince harry is doom loosing hair


Prince Harry has joked about his thinning hairline with fellow Invictus Games attendees, with the Duke of Sussex claiming that he’s “doomed”. The duke, who is currently in The Hague, Netherlands, for the fifth Invictus Games, addressed his thinning hair while filming a Dutch TV show, as reported by People.



In the clip, Prince Harry could be seen sitting with Dutch athlete Bart van der Burg, who was having makeup applied to his forehead. The makeup application prompted the duke to joke to van der Burg, who is bald: “Oh you’ve got a lot more to be done there,” prompting the athlete to then jokingly reply: “It’s also empty when she’s done.”


prince harry is doom

Following the exchange, the other man sitting with the duke and van der Burg noted that it’s “not going to take a long time before I am,” while gesturing at his own head of hair. In response, the 37-year-old royal acknowledged that the other man’s hair loss is “slower” than his. “But you’re slower than me,” he said. “I’m already… I’m doomed.” “We’ve got the same barber I guess,” the man joked, while van der Burg added: “We call it a bird’s nest” to laughter from the duke.



The duke’s comments come after fans previously questioned whether a photo of the royal had been edited after he appeared on the cover of Time magazine alongside his wife Meghan Markle with fuller-looking hair. “He has grown a lot of hair as he gets older… I think he has that Benjamin Button thing,” one person joked at the time, in reference to the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which depicts the life of a man ageing in reverse.

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While Prince Harry does not often comment on his hairline, his brother Prince William previously referenced his own hair loss in 2017, when he joked with a hairstylist that he doesn’t “have much hair” so “can’t give you much business”.


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