Prince Harry has been in news since he left the royal family with his wife Meghan Markle in 2020.



Prince Harry has reportedly been living in Meghan Markle’s world and seeing the things from her eyes since he left the royal family in 2020.



Prince Harry’s recent interviews and moves have suggested that he has some reservations with his own family. And his upcoming book could also expose some of the royals, according to experts.



Some commentators accused the Duchess of Sussex for the change they witnessed in Harry’s personality.



Prince Harry, according to a royal photographer, has changed after meeting the former Suits star and became ‘very very distant’ whilst on tours.



Arthur has toured with the British royal family for more than 40 years, taking incredible snaps of the royal family.



In an interview with’s I’ve Got News For You podcast, Arthur Edwards said: “Camilla would always say hello, Kate says hello, William, yeah, they’re all very friendly and so was Harry until he met Meghan, and then he became very very distant and he became almost, well, it was miserable.



“In fact in the end I didn’t do Harry’s tours. I didn’t do Harry’s tour of Australia, not with Meghan. I didn’t do Harry’s tour of South Africa with Meghan.


“I just find it very depressing with them. They just hated the media and it was miserable so I ducked out of them and sort of went with Charles to New Zealand and you know places like that.”


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