harry and meghan takes private jet


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are being branded “hypocrites” for using a private jet to get home after attending Global Citizen Live — an event in Manhattan last weekend that advocated for climate change action.



The Duke, 37, and Duchess of Sussex, 40, were spotted Saturday night arriving at an airport in Santa Barbara, Calif., after landing in a private plane. The couple appeared happy as they gave hugs to members of their staff, including Mandana Dayani, the CEO of their Archewell organization.



harry angry talk

Social media, however, was not amused. “Harry and Meghan are at it again. They take a private jet back from a climate change event. Oh to be blissfully rich and blissfully virtuous. You really can have it all,” wrote one angry Twitter user.



The renegade royals showed up at the event on Central Park’s Great Lawn last Saturday to advocate for vaccine equality. They called for the G7 and EU to donate at least 1 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses immediately for those most in need. The event’s three main missions are to “defeat poverty,” “defend the planet” and “demand equity,” according to its website.



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The Transport and Environment Organization reports that private jets are 10 times more carbon intensive than commercial airlines and 50 times more polluting than trains. According to AFAR magazine, it costs anywhere between $1,300 and $3,000 to charter a small jet, between $4,000 and $8,000 for a midsize jet, and between $8,600 and $13,000 for a larger jet.



The social media backlash for Harry and Markle began after photos of the pair taking a private jet — again — surfaced online over the weekend. “They lecture us on our carbon footprint while taking private jets to polo matches,” one person tweeted of the royal couple. “Hypocrites don’t unite people.”



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