THE ROYAL FAMILY has a wide range of different food that they like, however, some are more unusual than others, according to a former Palace chef. The Queen loves Hamburgers, former royal chef Darren McGrady revealed. Mr Grady said the 95-year-old monarch enjoys eating the American favourite without a bun while using a knife and fork. She also prefers it served with cranberries rather than ketchup – a dish Foodhub called a ‘Ma’amburger’ in her honour.



Meanwhile, celebrity chef Aldo Zilli shared an insight to the young Prince George and told the Daily Mail that Prince George loves spaghetti carbonara. Mr Grady also revealed to Delish the late Duke of Edinburgh loved salmon coulibiac, a Russian dish with salmon and vegetables stuffed into pastry. The Duchess of Cambridge told PEOPLE that she had a fondness for home made curry, while making a separate portion for her three children.


prince george
She said: “The children have a portion with no spice. “And I quite like it hot.” The Duchess also revealed to PEOPLE that Princess Charlotte loves olives and Prince Louis has a fondness for beetroot. In 2016, Megan Markle revealed to Good Housekeeping that she and Prince Harry loved Roast Chicken. It’s also the dinner that Harry made when he proposed in 2017.



Mr Grady also told PEOPLE that Prince Charles loves plums from his garden at Highgrove, while the Duchess of Cornwall loves eating peas in her garden. According to the Mirror she told schoolchildren during a visit: “If you take them straight from their pods they’re delicious.”



Kate Middleton, Prince William handed ‘backbreaking task’ of resetting Firm

Kate Middleton, Prince William are being ‘forced’ into the tough job of trying to ‘reset’ the entire Firm. Kate Middleton and Prince William are reportedly being forced into taking the “very difficult” job of trying to reset the Firm.



It has all been revealed by royal expert Jennie Bond and in her interview with OK! She explained, “What I’m saying is, I think there will be a heavy workload for Catherine and William and it is going to take them away, but I don’t think we can all honestly say that this is the last break they’re going to have before the big push.”



Especially since “It is the Queen they are celebrating but this year with all the turmoil of Andrew and all that is going on with Harry and Megan, it is a year in which the monarchy can possibly reset itself.”



This news comes considering the tumultuous time Queen Elizabeth has faced in the wake of Prince Andrew’s assault lawsuit, Prince Charles’ cash-for-honours investigation as well as Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir.


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