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Prince Charles could be torn between family and duty after Queen’s death. Royally US hosts Christina Garibaldi and Christine Ross tell that Prince of Wales might feel the responsibility to welcome Harry back to his royal duties when he becomes King. Britons, however, do not want the Sussex couple to return, note the hosts.

Ms Garibaldi spoke on how a royal watcher on the show, Mark Fru, said that whether “Prince Charles likes it or not, he will have to listen to the people.

“I don’t see people forgiving Harry and Meghan anytime soon, that’s why I can’t see Charles allowing them to be part-time royals.

“I think it’s wishful thinking at best”.

Ms Garibaldi added: “We will have to wait and see.

“It doesn’t seem like Harry and Charles have the best relationship to begin with so I don’t know if either side really wants this.”

Ms Garibaldi’s co-host Ms Ross said: “It’s really interesting, you know, the Royal Family, as much as we talk internationally [about the royals] and especially in America, they do really serve the British people.

“I don’t think the British people are very fond of Harry and Meghan after everything that’s unraveled so I think that the British people might not feel that they’re the best representatives of their country”.


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