A royal biographer has claimed that Prince Charles is unlikely to abdicate the throne to pass it on to William. Penny Junor claimed that there is “very, very little chance” that William will become king before Charles.


She told Podcast Royal: “I think there is very, very little chance that it would happen, constitutional Monarchy means our Monarchy is based on hereditary and if you start deciding that you should abdicate for somebody else then you lose the logic, I mean of keeping it within the family.



prince Charles

“I think it is inconceivable that he [Charles] would pass it along.



“As you say, he has been preparing it for a very long time, he would be the best-prepared Monarch this country has ever had. The only way, the only circumstance that I could see a change to that if, at the time of the Queen’s death, he was for whatever reason so unpopular, the public really didn’t want him but I think that is very, very unlikely.”



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