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Prince Charles is known to have a deep love for his sons but he is now trying to heal the relationship with Prince Harry after a rough patch. Royal editor Rebecca English claimed the Firm wants Prince Harry to visit his home in the UK and to spend some “precious time” with the Prince of Wales.



However, she noted “no grand gesture” is likely to come from Charles due to the nature of the Royal Family and its way of operating. Ms English told Palace Confidential: “The Prince of Wales does really love his son and yes, there is a dialogue going on there between them and, of course, the hope is that one day they will be able to repair their relationship.



charles and prince harry

“But the Royal Family is just not kind of prone to these grand gestures. “That said I think probably, they do want Harry to eventually be able to come to the UK and spend some quality time with his father. “But of course, it all depends I think slightly on how things go over the next few weeks regarding the judicial review he’s seeking from the Home Office about his security.



“And of course, there is that kind of lurking bombshell of his memoir that’s due to come out later this year.” Prince Charles reportedly extended an olive branch to Prince Harry asking him to stay at his home due to increased security concerns on his visit to the UK.



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The Prince of Wales also praised the Duke of Sussex for his environmentalist efforts in his recent essay about climate change for US magazine Newsweek. He wrote: ‘As a father, I am proud that my sons have recognised this threat. Most recently, my elder son, William, launched the prestigious Earthshot Prize to incentivise change and help repair our planet over the next ten years.’



On Harry, he added: ‘My younger son, Harry, has passionately highlighted the impact of climate change, especially in relation to Africa, and committed his charity to being net-zero.’ Royal correspondent Jack Royston said: “Prince Charles giving Prince Harry credit for his work on climate change shows he does not want Oprah to be the end of their relationship.



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“A lot has happened between them and it must have been very hard for the Prince of Wales to hear some of the things his second son has been saying about him publicly.



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