Pitch-Perfect star and all-around icon Anna Kendrick has eagerly expressed her desire for some Yellowjackets merchandise based around character Misty’s pet bird Caligula.


First premiering in November Yellowjackets stars an ensemble cast featuring Melanie Lynskey, Christina Ricci, Juliette Lewis, and Tawny Cypress. Created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, the program’s creation was inspired by real historical tragedies such as the Donner Party and the Andes Flight Disaster, as well as William Golding’s 1954 novel Lord of the Flies.


The show revolves around the survivors of a high-school soccer team who suffer a cataclysmic plane crash in 1996. Presented within a dual-story structure, its initial plot focuses on the remaining team members as they endeavor to survive in the northern wilderness for 19 months, whereas the parallel narrative charts the characters’ adult experiences 25 years later in the emotional wake of what they collectively experienced.


Following the release of its first episode, Yellowjackets has since received widespread critical acclaim, with particular praise directed towards its bold genre-mixing, the uniformly impressive performances of its core cast, and its unsettling psychological realism.



However, the mystery-horror-thriller has also proved to be an immense hit with audiences, as well as garnering a number of celebrity fans to boot. Expressing a clear love for the show on Twitter, Anna Kendrick has now added her voice to the growing fandom. Citing her craving for some Yellowjackets-related merchandise, she went-on to appeal for show-related clothing based on an unexpected character from the series:


The Yellowjackets pet Caligula, with the Roman Emperor namesake, was first referenced by its owner Misty (Christina Ricci) in the program’s second episode “F-Sharp.” This less-than-orthodox approach to naming her bird after one of the most infamous leaders in classical history has certainly proved a fascinating detail in the series for many.



It has unsurprisingly opened up a flood of questions as to what this might reveal about Misty’s character as the series progresses. It therefore hardly seems surprising that Kendrick is desperate to get in on this additional titbit of mystery around Ricci’s character, since it may well turn out to be the key to a vital story or character reveal as the drama approaches its finale on January 16.


Of course, while there’s still an enigmatic cloud hovering over Caligula, it’s unlikely that Showtime is going to endorse any commodities based on him until they’ve decided to disclose what his relationship to Misty is and where he ultimately fits into the show. However, given the enduring popularity of the series, Yellowjackets season 2 has been renewed at Showtime and it may well mean that the range and breadth of show-related merchandise will start to expand exponentially, especially as more twists and reveals for the characters start to emerge.



If that’s the case, then Kendrick might not have to wait long before she is granted her wish of a Caligula-themed beanie.


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