Paige Spiranac makes a case against sexism in golf by using Paulina Gretzky's example

Sexism in sports has been common pretty much since sports started forming part of the cultural zeitgeist, golf is no exception but Paige Spiranac has an issue with that. Women pro golfers who also happen to be beautiful tend to be regarded more as objects to look at than judged by their skills. No disrespect to the women golfers of the worls who actually have a lot of success, but that’s the way the world sadly works.

Paige Spiranac understands perfectly how her looks has made her the successful woman she is today. But she has some strong opinions about this sexism in the sport she loves so much. In her latest podcast episode, the semi-pro golfer even used some examples to get her point across and we can’t say we don’t agree with what she is saying.

Paige Spiranac uses Paulina retzky as an example

Here’s the complaint about sexism in golf that Paige Spiranac made with even some examples: “When it comes to talking about if there is a successful counterpart, it’s always so and so’s boyfriend. Take Camille Kostek, she has her own career. She’s very famous, and people refer to her as ‘Gronk’s girlfriend’. t’s always like a good thing when a guy has a really hot girlfriend or wife. But that doesn’t apply to a woman. And it’s just really weird how [fans seem] so turned off by seeing that.

“But they love it when they get to see Paulina [Gretzky]. It’s a form of sexism in a way..when it comes to men, having a hot wife or girlfriend is the greatest accessory that anyone could ever have. Or if they’ll just like pan over to like a random hot girl for like a second here. Like what are you doing? It makes no sense. Go back to the action like no one wants to see this girl just like sitting there. Come on. Like let’s go.”

The stigma of women playing sports that were initially played by men needs to keep going down as more brave women like Paige keep bringing it up. It’s not possible that in 2022, ladies still have to keep feeling treated like mere objects and their names are not respected. This might be one of the main reasons why successful women like Paige Spiranac have second thoughts when they meet another famous guy.


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