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As the scandal over the pushing of misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines on Joe Regan’s Spotify podcast continues, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, whose ties with the streaming giant are under scrutiny, have released a statement through their Archewell Foundation in which they say they are committed to addressing the “global misinformation crisis”.



In response, Meghan and Harry have been told to “put their money where their mouths are”. George Grant, who calls himself a “millennial monarchist”, told his 4,700 followers on Twitter: “I wish Harry and Meghan will follow what they have just asked of Spotify. “Meet this moment and walk out of the deal.



kate replaces harry

“Harry and Meghan, will you put your money where your collective mouths are?” Others joined Mr Grant in his view. Michelle Renner said: “I’m disappointed they didn’t stand up for truth, in this instance.” Anne Raine wrote: “In other words, we are keeping the money.”



And Elle McCrone added: “Weird timing.”



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