MEGHAN MARKLE, 40, is the Duchess of Sussex as the wife of Prince Harry. An expert discussed the Hollywood royal’s makeup. She previously analysed Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge’s makeup for 33naija. Meghan Markle’s makeup look is a classic and dramatic look, according to professional makeup artist Dani G. Hollywood trained Danielle Gilbert praised Meghan’s complexion.



Dani, who runs Dani G Makeup and posts her makeup tips to @danigmakeup, said: “Meghan’s signature look tends to be a smokey eye, flawless skin, and a classic nude lip.” How can British beauty fans emulate the Duchess of Sussex’s polished look? Dani explained in a number of steps. She said: “I would start by dabbing concealer across your eyelids to prime the area.”I would then apply a very soft brown eyeshadow using a fluffy brush.


kate middleton and meghan
“During the day I would opt for a brown kohl eyeliner then smudge along the lash line. “When attending a red carpet event Meghan goes for a more dramatic look so I would then go for a black kohl liner.” While Meghan lives on a royal budget, she is a fan of a simple supermarket mascara.



Meghan uses the Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara, according to her former makeup artist Lydia Sellers.”Meghan loves a budget mascara and a few coats of black mascara can really take your look to the next level by adding more volume and length to your lashes,” Dani said. As for Meghan’s youthful complexion, the makeup artist said: “With Meghan’s skin – it’s always glowing! “I would combine an illuminating primer, peachy blush, and lightweight foundation for a flawless combo.


meghan queen and kate middleton
“I would say a very lightweight foundation because we don’t want to cover her freckles, we want to look fresh and dewy with her freckles able to peek through.”Meghan is famously taken with her own freckles. During school, she wrote a short story about loving her freckles. She has also named one of the many companies she has founded with her husband Peca, the Spanish word for freckle. Dani has a specific lip colour in mind to replicate Meghan’s nude.



She said: “For the lips, I would use a plumping primer to create a smooth hydrated canvas before reaching for Plump and Fill Lip Liner in shade ‘Nudie’, which is a neutral brown. “Outline the lips then take the liner and fill the entire lip for extra staying power.
“To really define lips I would create a deep ‘V’ of your cupid’s bow and then dab a little highlighter so when the light catches the area it will make your lips pop.”


Kate Middleton about Meghan markle
Dani recently discussed Kate Middleton’s makeup with 33naija. Britain’s future Queen embraces simplicity, Dani said. “Simplicity is key for Kate Middleton. “She always keeps her look more natural with well-groomed brows, satin skin, rosy cheeks, and hydrated lips.”


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