MEGHAN MARKLE continues to fight trolls online as a popular US rapper tweeted that she “needs a chat” with the Duchess of Sussex. A US YouTuber who was found to have defamed rapper Cardi B has been ordered to pay a further £2 million – bringing the total costs to over £3 million.



Lawyers said a series of “slanderous and defamatory statements” had caused the singer “embarrassment, humiliation, mental anguish, and emotional distress”. It comes days after a report, by Bot Sentinel, was published revealing that Meghan Markle was “actively targeted” by a £2.8 million “hate for-profit enterprise” on YouTube.



In 2019 Meghan claimed she learned she had been one of the “most trolled people” in the world.



Harry sends fans into frenzy as Duke announces ‘exciting’ news with Meghan’s ‘best friend’

Prince Harry is set to make his first public appearance of the year on February 3, when he will take part in the first annual Inner Work Day organised by BetterUp, the mental health and coaching firm he works for. The event was first announced earlier this month.



But the company sent sports fans and supporters of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex into a frenzy on Wednesday by announcing Harry would be joined by Williams during the panel. A third speaker on the panel will be Alexi Robichaux, the CEO of BetterUp.



The tweet announcing the tennis star’s appearance at the event read: “Breakthroughs happen when you take a break
“Learn how Inner Work builds Mental Fitness with BetterUp CEO @Arobichaux, Chief Impact Officer Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, and world-renowned athlete @serenawilliams.



‘Someone’s going to get hurt’ Meghan Markle faces cruel ‘end game’

A data analyst fears online trolls won’t stop attacking Meghan Markle until “someone is hurt”. A report by Bot Sentinel found the Duchess was “actively targeted” by three anti-Meghan YouTube channels which accumulated a total of 497 million views.



Founder Christopher Bouzy expressed his fears that these online “bots” won’t stop until they reach their “end game and “something happens” to the Duchess.



He said: “I believe that the end game is they want to see something happen to her, they want to see that it boils over so that she hurts herself or maybe someone hurts her or the marriage goes bust.”


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