Meghan Markle’s dress that she wore for her tell-all Oprah interview with Prince Harry has been selected as the dress of the year by a fashion exhibition.In 2021, the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry sat down for a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey.



Meghan Markle wore a stunning designer dress for her Oprah interview which was made by Georgio Armani.
In other royal news, Kate Middleton admits Prince William ‘worries’ when she feels ‘broody’ for another baby.A Fashion Museum in Bath has launched a headline exhibition titled, A History Of Fashion In 100 Objects.



The dress worn by the Duchess of Sussex during her explosive Oprah interview has been one of the garments selected to feature in this show.



The exhibition creators commented on this black dress worn by Meghan Markle and said it had a, “symbolic association with rebirth, self-regeneration and spiritual enlightenment, and its ability to flourish despite seemingly challenging conditions”.



Dazed Magazine’s Ibrahim Kamara and Gareth Wrighton, who selected Meghan’s look for dress of the year, suggested that this garment was picked because of its cultural significance.



In today’s hyper-stylized pop culture, the Dress of the Year now has the potential to also be ‘meme of the year’ and we both latched upon Meghan and Harry’s now-iconic interview with Oprah as the definitive anti-establishment moment that will forever endure in the British collective consciousness,” said the fashion experts.



The interview was of course a huge culture shock around the globe as shocking comments about Archie and his skin tone were discussed and the royal family was forced to respond to the racism allegations made in the interview.



The experts went on to add, “Meghan’s wrap dress by Armani, worn to showcase a divine pregnancy, framed the Duchess in black against the bountiful landscaping of Tyler Perry’s Hollywood garden.”



“This look now, through sheer association with a viral television moment, is firmly ingrained in our pop culture psyche.



“Although this dress was certainly featured during a pivotal interview that many of us remember vividly, this isn’t perhaps the most iconic dress that springs to mind when thinking about Duchess Meghan’s best-dressed moments over the past year.



In November 2021, Prince Harry and Meghan attended the Salute to Freedom Gala in New York. Meghan wore a gorgeous red Carolina Herrera gown from the Pre-Fall 2022 collection.



The Duchess looked absolutely stunning in this gown and fans were delighted as they were able to glimpse the Duchess in black-tie attire for the first time since having her baby Lilibet. In September 2021, Meghan joined her husband Prince Harry to speak on stage at the Global Citizen Live in New York.



Meghan made a bold fashion statement that paid tribute to Princess Diana as she paired her white Valentino shift dress with a personalized black Dior handbag that her late mother-in-law made famous. This white dress was paired with a monochrome look and was the perfect semi-casual dress that showed the Duchess’ youthful but classic style.


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