prince harry gives update on lilibet


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s daughter Lilibet is likely to have had her first royal visit – from her dad’s cousin, Princess Eugenie.



Lilibet was born in June in California and has yet to be brought to the UK by her parents to meet her royal relatives.
At the same time, no royals are believed to have made the trip out to the US to see Harry and Meghan and their children in their new home – until now.


princess eugenie
Eugenie was spotted alongside Harry at the Super Bowl on Sunday night – making her the first royal to meet up with Harry in the US.According to the Telegraph, Eugenie is being hosted by Harry at his and Meghan’s nine-bedroom mansion in Montecito.



And if this is the case, it’s likely she will have been introduced to Lilibet – making her the first royal to have met the eight-month-old.When at the Super Bowl at the weekend Harry and Eugenie were without their spouses Meghan and Jack Brooksbank.And the Telegraph adds that Jack and one-year-old son August spent time during the game with Meghan and her two children.



Harry and Meghan are known to have an icy relationship with many of the royals after their decision to step down from the Firm in 2020.


prince harry gives update on lilibet
They also spoke out against them in their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey last year where they alleged that there had been conversations about how dark son Archie’s skin would be.However, Harry has long had a very close and long-standing bond with Eugenie that goes back to when they were children.



Both their mothers, the late Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson, were close friends, who spent a lot of time together. They even went on holiday together with the children also tagging along, forming the basis of the bond.As they grew older, the royal cousins hit the London club scene together – especially Harry and Eugenie – and they were regulars at the popular London club, Mahiki, sneaking in the back entrance.



Insiders say that of all of the Queen’s grandchildren, Harry and Eugenie had the “most natural connections” and are the “closest of friends”.The two times Harry has returned to the UK from the US he has stayed with Eugenie and Jack. However royal expert Duncan Larcombe has said that by visiting Harry, Eugenie might be seen as “breaking ranks” with the rest of the royals.


Harry Meghan and lilibet
He told OK! : “The royals have stayed quite consistent and firm when it comes to Harry and Meghan, as we’ve seen. The Queen has continued to effectively punish Harry for walking away by stripping him of his titles.


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