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MEGHAN MARKLE remains the most influential royal in the world despite leaving the UK two years ago, according to new research. But why is this?Meghan Markle remains the most influential member of the Royal Family, beating Kate Middleton and the Queen to the top spot. The Duchess of Sussex pulls in a total of 7.4 million Google searches a month, and she also features in 10.4 million Instagram hashtags. In 2021 alone, Meghan had 11,200 articles written about her, making the Duchess the most mentioned and searched-for royal.



The Duchess made waves across the world after she and her husband Prince Harry left the UK in 2020 and later provided a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey in March the following year. She pulls in double the media mentions, Instagram hashtags and searches of the Queen, who is the second most influential royal, and Kate Middleton, who ranks as third most influential.



The research, by creative resource Design Bundles, calculated global Google searches, media mentions and Instagram hashtags for 29 of the most popular royals in the world, to see which one had the biggest influence of all.A spokesperson for Design Bundles commented on the findings for 33naija. They said: “Meghan Markle has an extraordinary influence around the world, ever since she and Prince Harry’s relationship took the world by storm in 2017.



“Meghan’s bravery and boldness in speaking up about issues such as racism, parental leave and empowering women are unlike any other royal. “Her voice is a powerful and enduring one. “The Duchess of Sussex is deeply committed to alleviating world issues through her charity work.“Despite no longer being a working royal, this proves her influence is positive and unchanging.” Queen Elizabeth is the royal with the second biggest influence, boasting 10.3 million Instagram hashtags, 3.3 million Google searches and 2,200 media mentions.


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The spokesperson continued: “Queen Elizabeth is the second most influential royal and her commitment to duty and unwavering stability make her an incredibly popular figure across the world. “With the second-highest number of Google searches, hashtags, and media mentions, it’s clear that Her Majesty the Queen reigns in many people’s hearts as one of the most influential and well-loved public figures in history.”



In third place was Kate Middleton, who fetches over double the average searches, media mentions and Instagram hashtags of all royals.The Duchess of Cambridge is also the most Instagrammable royal of all, featuring in 13 million Instagram hashtags. Prince Harry remains one of the most influential royals despite leaving the UK two years ago. The Duke of Sussex rakes in 2.7 million Google searches a month, features in 11.7 million Instagram hashtags and had 9,400 articles written about him in the past year.


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This makes him the fourth most influential royal. The late Princess Diana reigns as the fifth most influential royal, ahead of her former husband Prince Charles.This is despite having passed away 25 years ago. Princess Diana was famous for her enduring beauty and strategic use of fashion, from her legendary taffeta wedding dress to the sultry ‘revenge dress’ she wore after Prince Charles admitted his infidelity.



The Princess of Wales still pulls in 20 million searches a year. This, combined with the 3,000 articles that were written about her in the past year, and the nearly 900,000 Instagram hashtags allows her to remain one of the most influential royals.


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