A ROYAL chef who has prepared food for many members of the Royal Family says he wouldn’t roll the red carpet out for the Duchess of Sussex. Celebrated royal chef Richard Corrigan doesn’t appear keen on the idea of slaving away over a hot stove for Meghan. Mr Corrigan has cooked for the Queen as well as other royals, many free of charge. But the owner of Mayfair Restaurants Bentley’s and Corrigan’s told Richard Eden, Daily Mail’s Diary Editor, some will have to pay.



The chef said: “I cooked for the Queen free of charge, of course. And I’ll cook for anyone, but let me just say, some people will have to pay”. The acclaimed chef, who also previously acted as a guest cook on the South West round of the Great British Menu, has reportedly cooked for the Queen twice.


However, he said he wouldn’t deny the Duchess entrance to his restaurants. He said: “I’d let her in the restaurant, for sure, but the Queen had the red carpet rolled out. Would Meghan? I don’t think so.” Sharing a screenshot of his conversation with the Irish chef, Mr Eden tweeted: #Royal chef Richard Corrigan says he wouldn’t roll out the red carpet for the Duchess of Sussex #Meghan.” However, it may not be an issue as Prince Harry and Meghan are reportedly unlikely to return to the UK anytime soon.



Recent reports state that Prince Harry will not return home to attend a service dedicated to his late grandfather this month. The decision, which has reportedly been made by the royal, was tweeted by Omid Scobie, the author of ‘Finding Freedom’ He tweeted: “A spokesperson for the Sussexes confirms that Prince Harry will not be returning to the UK for the Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Prince Philip on March 29.



“He does, however, hope to visit the Queen as soon as possible.” The Sussex’s have been told they will not receive the “same degree” of security as other royals should they make the trip home from the US. Prince Harry has said he doesn’t feel safe returning to the UK with his family without the protection he seeks.


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