prince harry and queen elizabeth.


PRINCE Harry has revealed the Queen tells him things she doesn’t tell anybody else. In a major new interview with NBC’s Today programme, the Duke of Sussex spoke about his family life, his work on the Invictus Games and life with Meghan Markle.



Asked about his recent shock meeting with Queen, Harry revealed that he and Meghan met with her over a cup of tea and confirmed that he liked making her laugh. He also expressed concerns for Her Majesty, suggesting he felt the need to look out for her interests when he added “I’m making sure she’s protected and has got the right people around her”.



He also cryptically revealed that the Queen “tells me things she doesn’t tell anybody else”, although stopped short of revealing what those things are. The interview was aired in the US only but we’re bringing you every detail of what he said, as well as up to the minute reaction and analysis in real time on our live blog below.



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