Meghan Markle’s sister, Samantha, once claimed Meghan was jealous of Kate Middleton and tried to ruin her birthday when she and Prince Harry announced they had resigned from the Royal Family. Meghan Markle’s sister, Samantha, once claimed the Duchess of Sussex threw herself at Disney and that she is jealous of Kate Middleton and ruined her birthday on purpose.



In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Samantha, 54, alleged Meghan was “throwing herself” at Disney during a film premiere with Beyonce.



Meghan and Prince Harry stepped down from their roles as working royals two years ago, and have since worked on their mental health charity, Archewell, and opportunities with Spotify and their podcast series.



Comments from Samantha, who says she raised Meghan for 12 years in California, claim Meghan was jealous of Prince William’s wife, Kate MiddletonThe same day of the Duchess of Cambridge’s birthday, Meghan and Harry announced their split from the royal family, prompting Samantha to say: “Sad she would do that on Kate’s birthday – I believe she was jealous of beautiful Kate.



“She could never compare – Kate is iconic! Perfect Queen material and lovely as a family member especially as a mother. “I was impressed with how Kate could make a $200 dress look like $2 million.”



Following the decision of Meghan and Harry to resign the HRH titles, Meghan’s sister said: “She received so much negative public scrutiny as a result of actions that were inappropriate.” Speaking of Harry and Meghan’s tour of Africa as well as humanitarian and charity work at the time, Samantha said:



“If she was smart she would be a true humanitarian, benefit the world especially poverty issues and be in a favourable public light.” Samantha was angered by a documentary at the time, which showed Harry and Meghan speaking about poverty in Africa.



She said: “She got too much scrutiny for lavish spending and yet still when discussing hunger in Africa, still made the end of the interview about her difficult royal life.


kate middleton and meghan
“She knew the expectations and the public reliance on her to ‘walk in the shoes that fit’.”But footage of Meghan and Harry at the Disney premiere for The Lion King angered Samantha, where Harry was seeming to “give” Meghan off to executives at Disney.



Samantha said: “The Disney move would have been fine if initiated after leaving royal roles but seems inappropriate prematurely. “And disrespectful of royal protocol. It’s like cheating on a spouse and giving a phone number for a dinner date before being divorced.”



The former model added: “She kept her agent and manager and might have landed a Disney deal. It seems that the British royal family were a launchpad for high places than Suits couldn’t get her.”


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