Meghan Markle Is Secretly Seeing Serena William’s Husband?

Meghan Markle Is Secretly Seeing Serena William’s Husband? See intimate photos

Is the very married Meghan Markle making moves on Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian? One tabloid claims there is a rumor going around that Prince Harry’s wife is getting too close to her best friend’s guy. Gossip Cop investigates.
Tabloid Ratting Out Tabloid?

Women’s Day is claiming that a “wild blind item” is circling the internet accusing the Duchess of Sussex of being too touchy-feely with Reddit co-founder and Serena Williams husband Alexis Ohanian. Calling the rumors “unfounded gossip” and “absurd,” the magazine went into detail about the allegations.

Quoting from a website Gossip Cop found to be Foxella, the magazine breaks down the claim that Ohanian felt that Markle was “hitting on him at the US open.” This interaction apparently “caused a rift” between Markle and Williams.
Meghan Markle Is Secretly Seeing Serena William’s Husband?

Using photos of the friends sharing “a warm embrace” at the 2019 US Open, the magazine continued to milk the story using Ohanian and Markle’s hug and smiling faces at the sporting event as gossip fodder. While the outlet claims the rumor “surfaced online,” the impact is hardly making waves. No other websites besides Foxella are reporting the story. The website is not super popular anyway, and the only way the story would get exposed would be through the magazine’s debunking.
For Argument’s Sake

Let’s say the outlet decided to post the article as fact. Its clear Ohanian and Markle are close friends because of her relationship with Serena Williams. Williams and Ohanian attended the Suits actress’ wedding in 2018. In 2020, a year after the events were said to have taken place, Ohanian and Markle sat down and interviewed each other for Time, where they talked in-depth about their respective marriages. It’s clear to Gossip Cop that Ohanian and Markle have that traditional bond many of us have with a close friend’s spouse. The rumor that there is bad blood between the two friends is obviously false.

Unfounded, Even By Their Standards

So why would a tabloid condemn a false report and not use the lie themselves? The sudden desire for the truth could have to do with Markle’s popularity in the States following the infamous Oprah interview in March. The Duchess of Sussex gained much sympathy here following her claims of racism in the royal family that caused the former actress to contemplate suicide and put a strain on her new marriage. It must have been a slow week in the “Royal News” division of the outlet if a magazine is publishing such a non-story.


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