kate middleton and meghan relationship


MEGHAN MARKLE’S fiercely loyal fans have launched a campaign against the Duchess of Cambridge – branding her “Kopy Kate”. The Duchess of Sussex’s legion of social media followers – dubbed the Sussex Squad – deluged the future Queen with negative messages during a visit to Copenhagen. During her trip to the Danish capital, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge was snapped enjoying herself and greeting local dignitaries.



Her official visit coincided with paparazzi-style photos of Meghan’s first public appearance of the year being released. The Duchess, 40, was seen having dinner with husband Prince Harry along with Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank. The photos, believed to have been captured over the weekend, showed both couples laughing and enjoying themselves on a double date at a Santa Barbara restaurant, California.



Commenting on the two events, some of Meghan’s fans claimed that the Duchess was successful in “overshadowing” Kate’s visit. One Twitter user said: “Harry and Meghan’s lives don’t revolve around the BRF (British Royal Family). And it definitely doesn’t revolve around Kate. “If a pap picture overshadows your favourite, perhaps it’s your favourite problem. Not Meghan.”



RCrussi wrote: “I think it’s hilarious how Harry and Meghan have managed to overshadow a 1000-year-old institution on its home turf and around the world since they left while barely being visible and minding their own damn business. “Kate travelling with a press crew VS blurry photos.” Nohemi Cruz said: “All Meghan has to do is bat her eyes and she will overshadow Kate.”



Fans of Meghan dubbed the Duchess of Cambridge as “Kopy Kate” over her going down a slide at the Lego Foundation Play Lab at the University College Copenhagen by comparing it to when Meghan showed her “fun” side by participating in a prank on The Ellen Show. Kate embraced her inner child and slid down a helter-skelter ride after joining Danish students using play to develop their teaching skills.



The Duchess of Cambridge emerged from the slide and joked with the press in attendance. “you stood far enough away” before adding “In the spirit of where I am, I had to do it.” However, fans of the Duchess of Sussex made comparisons to when Meghan was criticised for letting her hair down for a sketch with the Ellen Show.


meghan markle appear to kate middleton
One fan posted on Twitter: “Oh LOOK! She’s allowing herself to look silly! Just like a real, normal person! Just like Meghan on Ellen! Except Meghan did it first Kopy Kate.” Another one said: “Meghan got criticised big time for having fun and being full of joy when she was on Ellen. But everything Kate does is fine and perfect.” The Duchess has spent two days in the Danish capital on a fact-finding visit with her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.


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