Meghan Markle under fire for trying to curate Archie, Lilibet moments for ‘shield’ against Spotify drama. Meghan Markle has recently been busying herself trying to protect the family from the Spotify drama and intends to use curated moments of Archie and Lilibet to protect the brand.



This allegation has been made by brand and reputation expert Mr Schiffer. There the Chairman of Reputation Management Consultants told Express UK, “The public can count on seeing far more Lilibet this year.”


“Lilibet will follow a lockstep pattern like Archie with limited and carefully curated public moments architected in part to boost Harry and Meghan’s brand.”



He even added, “Harry and Meghan know family sells, and they will continue to highlight the concept of their children yet fiercely protect each’s individual privacy.”



“Meghan and Harry’s choice deflects the public perception of a Spotify bloodbath and shows more royal DNA evidence to the public.

Queen leaning to forgive Prince Harry, Meghan Markle in Jubilee celebrations

Experts suspect Queen Elizabeth is only interested in burying the hatchet. Royal experts believe Queen Elizabeth is looking forward to finally burying the hatchet with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during their UK visit.



This claim has been made by Dr Athur Cassidy in light of the Queen’s upcoming Jubilee celebrations.



He started off by wondering how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will most likely be met with ‘forgiveness’ and ‘warmth’ if they decide to celebrate the occasion with the Royal Family and claimed, “They will come back again – how will she handle that?”



He also told Express UK, “Her faith in God drives her to forgiveness. It’s also why she loves ethnicity. She embraces it, and that’s why she embraced Meghan, just the same as she was with the Duchess of Cambridge.”


Queen Elizabeth in tears..
“But now she has to control her mind and navigate how she is going to respond when it comes to the jubilee. “Will she offer the hand of forgiveness and say, ‘come and join in the celebrations?’ I think she will.”


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